A woman who says she was raped as a teenager, and then encouraged to perform sex acts down the phone by a different man while he did the same, says she feels failed by the authorities who dropped her case.

The police investigation into historical allegations by a woman we’re calling Miss A resulted in the Law Officers’ Department discontinuing the case due to ‘insufficient evidence’.

Miss A also believes the alleged perpetrator was tipped off that he was under investigation because of a leak from the police.

The States of Jersey Police say the have “absolute confidence” in the integrity of their investigation.

“The first time anything happened I was 14. I'd been raped and he came to my home and I was telling him what happened and he said 'I'll go home and have a xxxx’.” “When I was 15 I started seeing a guy who was older than me and he found out about it. He used to phone me up and play with himself down the phone and I could hear it, everything. And he'd try to get me to do things to myself, but I wouldn't. But I'd hear everything and he'd do this every week." "I felt sick. He didn't say it but he hinted if I told anybody, he’d say that I was seeing someone older than me. There was once he waited up at Pier Road car park for me and I wouldn't go and he said 'why didn't you turn up' and it's because I didn't want him anywhere near me. He would have had sex with me. I would have been 15."

Miss A.

At the start of this year, Miss A made contact with the accused by WhatsApp. They swapped messages in which she says she pretended to be interested in him to try and get him to admit what he'd done years back so she could go to the police.

ITV News has seen around 60 of the replies from the man, which are often graphically sexual in nature.

One reads: “If we had gone and done it, you would’ve learned things at 13 that would have ruined you for years.”

Another said: “I loved seeing you in your school uniform and used to dream about coming and picking you up from school, taking you home and xxxxxxx you senseless.”

She reported what happened to the police at the start of this year and handed over her evidence. It was investigated. The accused was questioned. And the file passed to the Law Officers' Department. But the case was eventually dropped.

Jersey Police declined to be interviewed about the case but said in a statement:

“We are aware of a letter detailing concerns about our handling of a recent public protection investigation, though a formal complaint about the handling has never been received. The case in question was fully investigated and passed to the Law Officers' Department for consideration. It was determined that there was insufficient evidence to proceed, resulting in the case being discontinued. We have absolute confidence in the integrity of the investigation and have met with the complainant to reassure them of this.

States of Jersey Police.

The Home Affairs Minister, Constable Len Norman, declined an interview and sent ITV News the following statement:

As Minister for Home Affairs, I have every faith in the actions taken by the States of Jersey Police to investigate these allegations, but it would not be appropriate for me to comment on individual cases or Police operational decisions. However, I have confidence that due process has been followed and would like to assure the public that any complaints made will be considered and dealt with in the appropriate manner."

Constable Len Norman, Jersey's Home Affairs Minister.
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