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Four-year-old suffers severe burns to foot after stepping on beach fire

Georgia Tyson's foot severely burnt after stepping on embers of beach fire. Credit: Tyson family.

A young girl has had her foot severely burnt after stepping on a beach fire that was not properly extinguished in Guernsey.

The four-year-old had to go to A&E and was not able to walk for several days after she stepped on the smouldering embers at Grandes Rocques.

The States of Guernsey is reminding people not to light fires on beaches and to take extra care when they put out beach barbecues.

Fires can cause very serious injury, even when the flames are out. If not put out properly they can cause severe burns to people and animals. This week we will be putting up more signage highlighting our ‘Beach Code’, which provides good advice on a number of issues including beach fires, as well as litter, wildlife and noise. When it comes to barbecues there are rules requiring they are always kept below the high tide mark and only carried out after 5pm.

– Jan Dockerill, States of Guernsey's Senior Environment Services Officer

The States also says people should make sure the area around where they have used a barbecue is not hot and will not harm other beach-goers.