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Sark medal missing for 50 years returned to Channel Islands

The medal is made from the first silver to be mined from Sark. Credit: Guernsey Museum & Galleries

A medal thought to have been stolen 50 years ago has been returned home to the Channel Islands.

The Sark medal went missing from the Lukis and Island Museum in 1970. It was then purchased by a private collector in the UK.

Many years later, the collector asked the coin and medal specialist, Daniel Fearon, if he could find out any more about the medal, and he contacted Guernsey Museum.

He said he was "horrified" when it was established that it was the missing Sark medal, according to the Guernsey Museum.

The medal is made from the first silver to be mined from Sark, and was presented to Charles de Jersey, Kings Procurer, in 1837. It was then donated to the States of Guernsey in 1956 by his great-grandson, Colonel J A Graeme.

We still don’t know what happened in 1970, but once it became clear that this was the missing medal, the Museum made a case that the States of Guernsey was the legal owner and would like it to be returned.

Discussions were of course delicate and extended over a number of years, but we were very happy with the eventual outcome.

– Dr Jason Monaghan, Head of Heritage Services

The elderly collector died earlier this year, and Daniel Fearon has seen the medal returned to the museum. It has been cleaned by a technician and is back in the collection.