A year long investigation into the Gender Pay Gap in Jersey has revealed there are pay differences between male and female employees carrying outcomparable jobs.

Unlike the UK, there is currently no requirement for employers in the island to report any pay differences, and the panel does not recommend one is introduced.

Instead it has a number of recommendations to change the culture in Jersey's business and economy.

It says there should be a Gender Pay Gap Report published once a year, starting in 2020.

It has identified the following factors which are believed to contribute to the current gender pay gap in the island:

  • Gender stereotypes from school age.

  • Occupational segregation stemming from subject choice at school.

  • Unconscious bias in the workplace.

  • The “glass ceiling” which stops women reaching upper levels in the workplace.

  • More women taking on domestic commitments.

  • More women taking on caring responsibilities.

  • The Panel has made 36 key findings and 13 recommendations in its report.

The report suggests statistical evidence is required in order to assess the extent of the pay gap in Jersey's economy.

The Government of Jersey should lead the way on this because it will give us the opportunity to investigate where the issues are and what they mean. We have made a number of recommendations which focus on creating that cultural shift needed to remove the barriers to women progressing in their careers. We believe that the public sector should set an example to all employers in Jersey in order to shift the balance more equally across the workforce. If we see that the Government of Jersey is not taking the necessary steps to close the gender pay gap, we will explore the possibility of introducing statutory measures to initiate the change required.

Deputy Louise Doublet, The Chair of the Panel

In Guernsey there are calls for the government to force companies to publish their gender pay gaps.

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