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Behind-the-scenes of a Jersey Cold War bunker

People will be able to see how it was equipped with technology of the day. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A German Bunker that could have played a pivotal role during the Cold War has been opened to some members of the public in Jersey.

The bunker which is situated at Springfield, was built by German forces during The Occupation.

It was reused in 1979 to make sure Jersey could be connected to the outside world if nuclear war broke out between the USA and the Soviet Union.

Jersey Heritage has decided to give a limited number of tours of the bunker to show how it was modified to protect people from a new type of threat.

People will be able to see how it was equipped with blast-proof doors, emergency rations, protective clothing and radiation equipment.

ITV Channel's Annie Knowlson has been to have a look round and see what life would have been like in the event of a catastrophic attack.

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