A group of concerned islanders are staging their own public meeting about Jersey's new Island Plan, arguing new proposals will lead to "out and out growth".

The government has already begun a public consultation, including online videos, surveys, meetings and workshops, but the group - called Island Plan Public Interest Panel - which is not linked with the government, is now holding an event to gather views.

Among the group is Rob Duhamel, the former Planning Minister, and Chris McCarthy, an architect.

The forum will take place at the Town Hall from 6pm on Wednesday 17 July.

Meanwhile, the government's own programme of events continues with a daytime workshop at the Town Hall on the same day.

You can see the full schedule of official events here.

Having been closely involved with previous Island Plans and helped steer them in the direction of sustainable development, it comes as a bit of a shock to see the proposals to effectively undo previous work and adopt a programme of out and out growth.

Rob Duhamel, former Planning Minister