A Cycling Commissioner should be appointed in Jersey to make it safer for cyclists by improving cycling routes.

That is the message from the organisation Cycle4Jersey who say there needs to be more cycle lanes so people do not have to share the roads with cars.

Lots of people do not cycle because the perception is that it's not safe to do so. People's perception of the roads is, the traffic makes it unsafe. So we want the States to really look at this as an issue and encourage people to get on their bikes.

Alistair Mitchell, Cycle 4 Jersey

Cycle4Jersey have written a letter to the States calling on them to consider appointing a Cycling Commissioner in the near future.

It is a move that has been backed by the Chairman of the Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel.

It is really important for us to improve cycling networks on the island... I hope that other members of the assembly can read the letter, take it on board and really get involved too.

Deputy Robert Ward Chairman of Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel

A Jersey Sport initiative called Move More Jersey is also backing the campaign and say there are so many health benefits to cycling.

However the organisation says there will need to be a collaborative effort between workplaces, government and sports clubs to put the right infrastructure in place.

Here is Sacha Shipway's full report: