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Guernsey's new super school to be called Lisia School

The new names are based on popular links to the island. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey's new secondary school is to be called Lisia School.

The States have also announced the name of its two campuses, one will be called Victor Hugo College (on the Baubigny site) and the other de Saumarez College (on the Beaucamps site).

It comes after a public consultation along with staff and student surveys.

The President of the Education Committee has said deciding on the names has been subject to much planning.

We hope that the names chosen serve to inspire our students, celebrate our history and look to the future in providing an identity for the new model of secondary education...I am pleased that we have been able to choose 3 of the more popular suggestions made by the public, staff and students and names with strong local connections.

– Deputy Matt Fallaize, President of the Committee for Guernsey's Education, Sport & Culture

The decision to name the school Lisia is due to it being the oldest recorded name for Guernsey.

It is said to have been the name given to the Island by the Romans with Lisia being part of the Lenur Islands (now known as the Channel Islands).

With Victor Hugo being such a prominent figure in Guernsey's past, his name was one of the most popular suggestions received by the Committee.

de Saumarez can also be traced back to the earliest surviving records in the island. It too was a popular name suggested.

This is all subject to the States' approval for funding of the two-school model.

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