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Nearly impossible for ex-prisoners to reintegrate says Guernsey charity

Prison numbers are relatively high in Guernsey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A charity that helps former prisoners re-integrate into society has told ITV News some ex-prisoners find it nearly impossible to integrate back into a small community like Guernsey's.

Guernsey Caring for Ex-Offenders is set to receive funding over the next two years from the government, guaranteeing its future.

We don't judge people for what they have done, but we help people to move on from where they are. And hopefully lead lives that are of use to society, they feel useful - they feel valuable and to help this cycle of re-offending.

– Mary Herve, Co-ordinator Guernsey Caring for ex-offenders

The charity helps up to 40 people at a time to find work, a place to live and helps them find a new purpose in life.

Prison numbers are relatively high in the island, and Guernsey Caring for Ex-Offenders hopes the funding will continue to help reintegrate former prisoners back into society.

Here is Rob Byrne's full report.

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