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The growing demand for food delivery in Jersey

Is the latest deliver-to-your-door shopping trend, value for money? Credit: ITV Channel TV

Over a thousand food delivery boxes are being delivered to Jersey every week, according to the island's postal service.

The weekly service, Hello Fresh, has become very popular with islanders, offering a convenient way of making meals without the need of heading to the supermarket.

But is the latest deliver-to-your-door shopping trend, value for money?

To buy all the ingredients for a Sausage Tagliatelle meal (like one set out in Hello Fresh), ITV News found that at Jersey's Central Market the cost for the ingredients came to at total of £7.86.

Whereas for that individual meal from Hello Fresh, the cost is £10.40.

However, one thing that the delivery service does not include is any associated costs like fuel, parking or bus fare, which for many islanders is an unavoidable part of going to the supermarket.

For many people that has been one of the biggest savings and advantages of this new way to buy food, being that it comes straight to your door and the time saved.

Jersey Post say that since the service started on the island in February, orders have gone from 100 boxes a week to 1,000.

However deliveries are only on Tuesday or Thursday, between 8am and 7pm, so islanders have to be organised when ordering their box, otherwise a traditional trip to the supermarket is still needed.

Despite having pre-measured ingredients and therefore less food waste, one of the biggest problems Hello Fresh faces is packaging. It is something that the UK Chief Executive of the company says they are very mindful of.

We have a team in place that are constantly looking to reduce our packaging footprint and I'm happy to say that since 2017 we've managed to reduce the amount of packaging that we use by over 20% per cent - already.


In terms of cost, islanders will still be able to find things cheaper in the supermarket or grocery store, so the advent of this new online delivery trend may not be the end of the traditional weekly shop.

But it certainly is becoming more popular in Jersey and it will be something that food retailers will have to keep a close eye on if they are to remain competitive.

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