England win bronze at Netball World Cup

England take bronze at Netball World Cup in Liverpool. Credit: Nigel French/PA Wire/PA Images

Serena Guthrie has led England to bronze at the Netball World Cup after a forceful win against South Africa, ending the match 58-42.

The Roses trailed behind the Proteas in the opening minutes but quickly injected their dominance into the match, eventually winning it by a significant margin.

England played their final match like true professionals after a devastating loss to New Zealand in the semi-final yesterday, which dashed their hopes of gold.

Captain Serena Guthrie says "it was a good day at the office today".

We knew it was going to be a tough game against South Africa, they came out, they'd done their homework on us as well. So, it took us a while to adjust out there, but I think we were clinical when we had to be today. Yesterday we threw too many balls away, we knew that we had to be a lot more clinical against that defensive end if we were going to come away with the win.

Serena Guthrie, England Netball Captain

New Zealand won the tournament, beating world number one’s, Australia 52 - 51.

Netball World Cup 2019 rankings:

  • GOLD: New Zealand

  • SILVER: Australia

  • BRONZE: England