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Plans to open Travelodge hotels Jersey and Guernsey

Travelodge has announced plans to open hotels in Jersey and Guernsey Credit: Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

Travelodge has announced plans to open its hotels in Jersey and Guernsey.

It is part of a seaside expansion project and will see 26 hotels open across the UK costing £165m.

Travelodge is asking the Governments of Jersey and Guernsey for a location and funding.

Their expansion programme builds hotels on local authority land and when complete the authorities can choose to take ownership of the hotel and be paid an annual rent or sell the hotel with Travelodge as the operator.

This expansion programme would support the local economy as our research shows on average our customers spend double their room rate with local businesses which annually results in a multi million boost for the local economy.

To kick start our search to find the perfect hotel site we are writing to the local Governments.

– Tony O’ Brien, Travelodge UK Development Director

The Committee for Economic Development and Visit Guernsey are aware that Travelodge is looking to establish their brand in Guernsey. The interest from Travelodge is very welcome and reflects a wider confidence in the Island’s tourism offering. Along with the recent announcement from Premier Inn, it is clear the industry can see the value and potential of investing in Guernsey.

This coincides with an increase in destinations visitors to Guernsey can fly from, and a rise in passenger numbers coming through the airport currently, both the result of key States decisions to improve our connectivity.

Recent investment in some of Guernsey’s best-loved attractions such as the Little Chapel, Victor Hugo’s Hauteville House, and Oatlands Village, along with the rising popularity of local events from Seafront Sundays to the Walking in Renoir’s Footsteps tours, has also put us in an even better position to promote Guernsey as a holiday destination.

Travelodge is a well-established and recognised brand with a presence across the country which will further help in promoting the Island as a tourist destination while adding yet another option in terms of the diversity of accommodation available locally. The Committee for Economic Development looks forward to liaising with Travelodge on how best to support them as they develop their plans.

– Economic Development & Visit Guernsey