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Calls for Chief Executive to scrap jargon

There are calls for the Chief Executive in Jersey to use less jargon Credit: ITV Channel TV

There are calls for the Chief Executive in Jersey to use less jargon.

A committee has shared its concerns that the Chief Executive, Charlie Parker is using terms that aren’t straight forward and not clearly defined.

The Public Accounts Committee says the language used makes it difficult to understand what savings have been made in the public sector.

The committee has asked that the Chief Executive give evidence at the next public hearing to make clear what progress has been made.

The Public Accounts Committee is concerned that with a proliferation of jargon, it is difficult to quantify costs and identify savings.

We look forward to seeing further development of the actions identified in the Action Plan into clear deliverable milestones with clear delivery dates.

– Senator Sarah Ferguson, Chairman of the PAC,

Some of the phrases include:

Silos - Systems, processes, departments, etc. isolated from others. "potential for new silos forming" (P2)

Slippage - Failure to meet a standard or deadline. "notify the PAC immediately of any ‘slippage’ on, or changes to, the planned transformation." (P2)

Corporate Learning - refers to a system of professional development activities provided to educate employees. It may consist of formal university or college training or informal training "The recurring themes identified by the PAC are: Corporate Learning"

Dashboard - a graphical summary of various pieces of important information, typically used to give an overview of a business. "The dashboard will be reviewed by EMT on a quarterly basis".

Outcome-focused objectives - Being outcome focused means caring most about the what, not the how. Specifically, outcome-focused teams value results over everything else. "Include appropriate outcome-focused objectives".