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Tunnel between Guernsey and Jersey would 'create greater cohesion'

Plans for an artificial island will host an airport, hospital, prison and university. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The man who wants a tunnel built from Guernsey to Jersey and then on to France says it will improve ties between the islands.

Martyn Dorey thinks we need to stop thinking of ourselves as separate islands but as one entity.

A study is underway looking into the feasibility of a tunnel. This is assessing what the cost might be, who might pay for it and what kind of rock is beneath the seabed to build on.

There are also plans to build an artificial island between Jersey and Sark which will host shared facilities including an airport, a hospital, a prison and a university.

Mr Dorey says it is important for the islands to have better connections both in terms of travel and social links.

Guernsey and Jersey see themselves as being very separate identities.It feels like we're actually like Greek City States vying with each other. We don't want to lose our competitive relationship with Jersey but we should be looking to share liabilities. The number of people that have been to Guernsey is very low and vice-versa and we have to move the Channel Islands to being a much more cohesive society.

– Martyn Dorey

Mr Dorey says he has received a mixed response from politicians but there has been a positive stance from the business community.

A major factor standing in the way of any build is the type of rock beneath the seabed. Mr Dorey is hoping the feasibility study will find a hard rock like granite or sandstone, as softer rocks like chalk or clay will "massively increase the costs."

Some of the concerns include the increase of vehicles on the island's roads. But Mr Dorey says they are not ruling out a tunnel that would just be used for a train with foot passengers on.

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