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Battle of Flowers parade won't be cancelled due to bad weather

Heavy rain, very strong winds and thunderstorms possible. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Battle of Flowers parade will not be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, organisers say.

Due to a 70% chance of heavy rain, a number of changes have had to be made to the day:

  • The floats will not move from their bases until 12:30pm - approximate arrival at Victoria Avenue will now be 1:30pm - 2:00pm.
  • The Victoria Avenue will still close at 9:30am, to enable the infrastructure to be completed in a safe manner.
  • The Parade will commence at the scheduled time of 2:30pm.
  • The Victoria Avenue will re-open at the scheduled time of 7:00pm.
  • Leave the arena at approximately 4:30pm.
  • Not be positioned in Millbrook Playing fields on Thursday evening or Friday.
  • Will return to dedicated bases in the West of the Island on Thursday evening.

Details for Friday will be announced on Thursday evening. Here is how Thursday's weather is shaping up across the Channel Islands.