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Life-changing drugs could become available in Guernsey for £13.4m

Life-changing drugs to cost Guernsey's government an extra £13.4m. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Life changing drugs could become available to islanders in Guernsey for an extra cost of £13.4m over two years.

Health and Social Care (H&SC) wants islanders to have the same access to NICE approved drugs and treatments as those under the NHS's care.

But the Committee says it cannot afford to fund this with their current budget and says it will need millions of pounds more every year.

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NICE approved drugs and treatments.
Drugs and treatments currently funded by H&SC and available in Guernsey.
Drugs and treatments available in the England which are not funded by H&SC.

H&SC Committee says the gap between drugs available in England and those available in the Bailiwick is "unacceptable".

What we are saying is we think we can get the interim funding for those two years but there needs to be a wider conversation about how we have extra funding, not only for NICE drugs, but also the rest of the healthcare budget which is under strain at the moment. We don't want anything else put at risk by this investment.

As I have been saying for a while, a conversation is overdue about whether the community is willing and able to pay for the services it expects and to place health and care on a sustainable footing.

– Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health & Social Care

The Committee proposes a "phased introduction" by introducing the most cost-effective drugs first.

A review will take place at the end of the two years to assess the impact of the introduction of the drugs.

The £13.4m is broken down over the two years as follows:

First year.
Second year.