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Save the pennies and the pounds will save themselves...Calls for price comparison website in Jersey

Politicians are working with Jersey's Consumer Council to see how a goods comparison site could work. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire/PA Images

There are calls for a price comparison website to be set up in Jersey for goods and services.

The hope is that it will help combat the high cost of living in the island.

Economic Development Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham, has said he is looking to work with Jersey's Consumer Council at creating a site similar to Fuel Watch, which is already run by the organisation.

It compares the cost of petrol and diesel from different garages across the island.

Senator Farnham hopes by having a comparison site for goods and services will drive costs down and create more competition for islanders.

We want to do everything we can to ensure the cost of living is as low and as stable as possible.

– Senator Lyndon Farnham, Jersey's Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Culture and Sport.

It is not yet known exactly how a goods comparison site would work and be kept up-to-date. However Senator Farnham is chairing the Inflation Strategy Group to see how it could be enforced.