Guernsey long-distance swimmer Rosie Williams is thought to have become the first person from the island to complete the '20 Bridges Swim' in New York.

The 27-year-old, who swam the Channel last year, completed the 28.5 mile distance around Manhattan in nine hours, one minute and twenty six seconds.

She was one of 16 people to tackle the event at the weekend, which forms part of open-water swimming's 'triple crown', alongside the English Channel and Catalina Channel in California.

Among the bridges Williams passed under on her swim were the George Washington Bridge in the Hudson River and the Brooklyn Bridge in the East River. Credit: Rosie Williams

Williams says she now plans to take a break from long-distance swimming to focus on local events, but says she hopes to complete the last of the three triple-crown swims in the next couple of years.

It was really amazing, you see such amazing sights when you're swimming - things that no-one is ever going to see from that angle - but it was a really challenging swim. It was rougher than what I would normally be used to, so it was really hard, but I'm really glad that I've done it. I had done so much training for the Channel, so I was well prepared and really excited about that, and then this one is meant to be easier, but I hadn't been able to train anywhere near as much, and it kind of sprung up on me. So what should have been a much easier swim was actually - for me - a lot harder, because of the conditions, and things which happened on the day. Actually, in a way I think it's more of an achievement because it was so hard and to finish when you really want to give up is quite difficult.

Rosie Williams