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Potato field proposed as site for first time buyer homes

There are plans for a housing development on agricultural land in Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Plans for first time buyer homes and a football pitch on agricultural land in Jersey's St John's Village are being put forward.

The scheme, on a potato field near the Primary School, could help ease the island's housing crisis, according to the Constable.

However, there is public concern over the planning application.

On social media, people have likened the suggestions to one in St Peter's Village, which was refused planning permission due to the Island Plan.

Connétable Chris Taylor hopes it will help deal with Jersey's "housing crisis".

It is agricultural land, and I'm sorry to see that go, but we do have priorities, we've got a housing crisis on the island and St John's wants to do their bit for that, and for our parishioners.

– Chris Taylor, Connétable St. John

Further alterations to a nearby area, on a field opposite the Parish Hall, could see parking, public space and a petanque court built. Those plans would see the Cenotaph moved and improvements to the footpath on La Rue des Buttes.