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Blue plaque tribute to Mervyn Peake unveiled in Sark

The author and artist has been honoured by the plaque on the Gallery Stores. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The author and artist Mervyn Peake is being commemorated with a blue plaque in Sark.

The plaque, which is the first of its kind in the island, has been unveiled on the Gallery Stores building in a ceremony attended by members of his family.

Mervyn Peake moved to Sark in 1932 where he played a key role in the building of the gallery.

The unveiling takes place 86 years to the day that the first exhibition was held at the venue.

The author and artist is being honoured by the plaque on the Gallery Stores. Credit: Mervyn Peake estate

Peake lived in many locations across the island including an apartment above the gallery itself until 1936. Many of his early paintings were exhibited there.

He is remembered as one of the great British writers of the 20th century. He is best known for his Gormenghast trilogy, as well as his 1953 novel Mr Pye which was set in Sark. It tells the story of a man who travels to the island to spread the word of God and begins to grow wings.

Fabian Peake, one of Mervyn's sons, says Sark had a significant impact on his father's work.

I think it influenced him a lot, because he was very much at home here. A lot of the imagery have got into his work, his illustrations and also his writing. In Gormenghast and Titus Groan, one can recognise quite often descriptions of places that one knows.

– Fabian Peake, son of Mervyn Peake

As well as his son, four of Mervyn's grandchildren and four of his great grandchildren attended the ceremony.