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Calls for Jersey's government to publish how it will save £100m in new Government Plan

£40 million of savings are due to be made in 2020. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Jersey politician has called for the government to publish how it plans to make the £100 million worth of savings set out in its Government Plan which sets out how the States will raise and spend money.

Ministers say the savings will come from reducing duplication, not replacing some retiring public sector staff, and moving to digital filing systems.

£40 million of savings are due to be made in 2020.

Details of how half of the savings will be made have already been announced.

However the Government Plan says a "detailed report" of the other half will be prepared in October, ahead of November's States Assembly debate.

Deputy Kirsten Morel wants the information published at least four weeks before the plan is debated, and says this is not enough time for members to scrutinise the proposed efficiencies.

The proposition is designed to ensure that States members have a minimum of four weeks in which to scrutinise the Efficiencies Programme before the Government Plan is debated.

– Proposition lodged by Deputy Kirsten Morel

Meanwhile Deputy Geoff Southern has put forward a proposition calling on the States's public accounts committee to review the savings made in the plan every six months.

He requests that throughout the life of the Government Plan, the Public Accounts Committee should undertake detailed six-monthly assessments of the planned efficiency savings.