Same-sex marriages could happen in Guernsey's Methodist churches next year

Church leaders are inviting comments from the community before the upcoming consultation in October. Credit: PA Images

Guernsey’s Methodist church is considering allowing same-sex marriages in its chapels.

Church leaders are inviting comments from the community before a consultation on the proposed change in October.

As it stands, same-sex couples can only have a blessing in Methodist churches in the Channel Islands. But the national review taking place in October will determine whether the rules should change in 2020.

Guernsey’s Superintendent Minister, Reverend Howard Stringer, believes this could bring about a positive change for the island and will enable same-sex couples who were previously unable to tie the knot, to have their love legally recognised.

He does stress that should the change come in, ministers will still be able to opt out of conducting same sex ceremonies in their chapels.

If the Methodist church changes its stance, it would mean same-sex couples could get married in churches across the United Kingdom.

Same sex marriage has been legal in Guernsey since May 2017, but this does not cover all churches.

When the law was passed, the Methodist church in the island said it was not prepared to embrace the change.

The consultation begins nationally in October, with Jersey and Guernsey sharing discussions. Should the change be given the go-ahead, it is thought it will not come into force until mid-2020.