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Jersey International Air Display 2019: Everything you need to know

The annual Jersey International Air Display is one of the big events on the island's calendar. Credit: ITV Channel TV

For one day a year, the peaceful skies above St Aubin's Bay roar into life with the sound of aircraft from across the ages taking flight.

The Jersey International Air Display is one of the biggest events on the island's calendar and this year is set to be no different.

  • When and where is the display?

The air display will take place over the coastline of St Aubin's Bay, with the first flights taking off at 1pm and the last wheels touching down just before 5pm.

As well as the air display, there will be the chance to see a static display of aircraft at the airport.

  • What aircraft will be taking to the skies?

The aircraft on display will range from iconic WW2 Spitfires and Hurricanes through to modern-day army Chinook and Puma helicopters, as well as everything in between. From biplanes to aerobatic display teams, there will be something for everyone.

  • AEROSUPERBATICS: 13:00 -13:06
  • LearJet: 13:08pm -13:14pm
  • Extra 330: 13:16pm-13:24pm
  • O2: 13:26pm-13:30pm
  • OV10 Bronco: 13:32pm-13:38pm
  • Huey & Loach: 13:40pm-13:48pm
  • ParachuteTribute: 13:50pm-14:02pm
  • Nord 2501 (Noratlas): 14:04pm-14:09pm
  • Chinook: 14:33pm -14:41pm
  • Antonov AN-2TD: 14:53pm-14:59pm
  • 1950s Jet Formation: 15:01pm-15:07pm
  • Tunnan: 15:09pm-15:13pm
  • MIG15: 15:15pm-15:21pm
  • Sabre: 15:23pm-15:29pm
  • AEROSUPERBATICS: 15:31pm-15:39pm
  • Spitfire MkIX: 15:41pm-15:47pm
  • SHF Formation: 15:49pm-15:55pm
  • J35 Draken: 15:57pm-16:03pm
  • SK37E Viggen: 16:05pm-16:13pm
  • Pitts Special: 16:15pm-16:25pm
  • Breitling Jets: 16:29pm-16:48pm

Unfortunately, the B-52, British Airways and Battle of Britain displays have cancelled their appearances, but there is still plenty to see and do on the day.

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Overcast with a little drizzly rain at times until early afternoon, then brighter with perhaps some sunny glimpses by late afternoon.

  • Will there be any road or path closures?

During the display, the beach area between La Fregate cafe and La Haule will be closed during the display itself. This is because the area is marked with buoys and markers, which the pilots will use to guide them.

There will also be closures to the carriageways along Victoria Avenue, except for vehicles parking to watch the display. The road closes at 12pm. All cars must be removed before 5:30pm, or drivers could face a fine and their cars could be towed at their expense.

The cycle path between West Park and First Tower will also be closed, but cyclists can use the right hand carriageway on Victoria Avenue so long as they give way to pedestrians and remain at a speed of less than 10mph.

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