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Bodybuilders compete to become Mr and Mrs Channel Islands

The winners could win awards like these. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A bodybuilding competition is underway in Jersey to try and crown Mr and Mrs Channel Islands.

The contest is being held at Jersey's Opera House where islanders are being judged on their toned physiques.

Organisers from BodyRox Gym in Jersey are working alongside the UK Bodybuilding Fitness Federation to put on the event.

Competitors have been putting in months of gruelling preparation, with many having to stick to a set diet for around 14 weeks.

For one of the men taking part, he says bodybuilding really helps develops a person both mentally and physically.

I think it's really good inspiration for young people to actually do sports and training...You have to become really, serious about it, it gives you loads of discipline, it improves your character and is a really good thing.

– Alex Angaov, Personal Trainer

Some of the bodybuilders taking part say they are having to eat every 2-3 hours as well as do cardiovascular exercise 5 times a week and lift weights six or seven times a week.