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Defibrillator removed from Jersey high street for causing obstruction

A defibrillator, similar to this one has been removed from outside of the Co-op store in the centre of St Helier. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A life-saving piece of equipment has been removed from Jersey's high street.

The defibrillator outside of the Channel Island's Co-op store on Charing Cross has been taken down after becoming a hazard to pedestrians.

The company say there are no other suitable outside areas for the defibrillator and it has now been moved inside the store.

Islanders who need to use the vital equipment will now only be able to do so during the shop's opening hours.

A local paramedic from Jersey says he is very disappointed the defibrillator has been moved from its location on Charing Cross.

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In response to the Mr Hunt's tweet, St Helier's Constable Simon Crowcroft said, the original location was dangerous and the company need to find somewhere safe for it.