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Defibrilator at Charing Cross Co-op to be relocated

A defibrillator similar to the one removed from Charing Cross. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A defibrillator removed from the wall of a store in Jersey on safety grounds is set to be placed in a new location.

The life-saving device was removed from the side of the Co-op Locale store on Charing Cross, after a member of the public hit their arm on the case.

Local paramedic Gordon Hunt criticised the move, saying that moving the public access device would potentially put people's lives at risk.

Mark Cox, the Chief Operating Officer of Channel Islands Co-operative Society, praised Mr Hunt for raising the issue, saying 'common sense has prevailed'.

It is not yet clear where on the building the defibrillator will be placed on Charing Cross.

In a statement, the Parish of St Helier said care had to be taken in the placement of the devices.

The Parish of St Helier fully supports the introduction of life saving defibrillators on buildings, but it is important that careful consideration is given to their location to ensure they do not cause a safety risk to pedestrians.

The Cooperative defibrillator at the corner of its Charing Cross property was positioned where an unsuspecting child could hit its head or an adult could injure him or herself in a clash with the defibrillator as was the case with a member of the public hitting their arm.

The defibrillator protruded from the building line a considerable amount and the location that it was fitted to was on the narrowest pinch point of the pavement; therefore, the Parish notified Growth, Housing and Environment of the risk as Charing Cross is administered by GHE who subsequently requested the Cooperative to remove and relocate the unit. We are pleased to confirm that a new location for the defibrillator has been agreed; it will be in situ as soon as practicable and will be located next to the entrance door into the store. We take this opportunity to thank the Cooperative Society for their assistance and agreement to relocate the defibrillator. We encourage organisations and individuals wishing to install a defibrillators to the outside of their property that will result in the defibrillator enclosure encroaching out onto the public pavement, in the first instance, to please contact the Parish or Growth Housing and Environment to discuss and agree a suitable location.

– Parish of St Helier