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Jersey Netball faces uncertain future

The sport, which is the most popular female sport on the island by participation, faces an uncertain future unless the shortage can be met. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey netball's elite side Team Jets faces a funding shortfall of £40,000 for 2019.

Changes in sponsorship mean that the side is now below the £120,000 cash pot it needs to cover the sport for the under 14, under 16 and senior sides.

Netball is the biggest female sport in Jersey in terms of participation and the side are worried about covering the cost of the current programme.

It sees players compete in the top divisions in England - a competition which helped to produce England captain Serena Guthrie, who hails from Team Jets.

Linda Andrews says she welcomes companies coming in to contribute. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Jersey Netball Association's President Linda Andrews says the growing uncertainty about the future is a real concern.

It is a worry because we have committed to the programme, so we will continue. But it is always a headache at the back of your mind, how we’re going to fill it.

We’ve looked at doing more social events and that kind of thing to bring in the cash but obviously if there’s somebody out there who believes in what we have achieved… it would be wonderful if a company would like to come on board and join us on this journey.

– Linda Andrews, President of Jersey Netball Association

Jersey Netball Association is also looking for a new home, as it is set to leave its Les Ormes base in 2020 after ten years at the venue.

Senator Steve Pallett says the States is working closely with the Association to resolve the problem. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's sports minister Senator Steve Pallet says that the road to finding a new home for the sport on the island is likely to be long - but that the States are working with the Association to find a solution.

I can’t conjure up a two million pound or a million pound or even a £500,000 facility overnight. There are processes to go through and planning is going to be one of the major hurdles but we’re working closely with them.

Really, by the end of this year, we need to have an idea of where it’s going to be located and some idea of what the costs will be. We’re going through a lot of difficult times from a funding point of view so rightly, the taxpayer needs to know what such a facility will cost. But there’s clearly a lot of momentum and a lot of support for netball in the island.

– Senator Steve Pallett, Jersey Minister for Sport