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Guernsey's first autism-friendly housing completed

Eight bungalows at Le Vieux Jardin have been built tailored for the needs of people with autism. Credit: ITV Channel TV

People with autism who have lived off island could now return to Guernsey, after the first homes designed specifically for people with the condition have been completed.

Eight bungalows have been built at Le Vieux Jardin in Vale with specific design features to make them suitable for people with additional sensory needs.

The site includes a sensory garden and sensory gym, as well as additional soundproofing to create calmer surroundings in the home.

The properties will be managed by Guernsey Housing Association with care and support on-site coming from care staff.

Heidi Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health and Social Care, says it provides an opportunity to help those with autism going forward.

This is the first development of its kind in Guernsey and I am really impressed with the thought that has gone into the design which puts the needs of service users to the fore. The Committee is delighted that, with the completion of the build, we are now able to bring back those of our community who have been living off-island for several years as we have not had the facilities to care for them here.

– Heidi Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health and Social Care

The development also includes 20 flats for rent or partial ownership. Along with the cost of staff accommodation, it has cost just over £5 million to build.