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Time ticking on speeches in States Assembly

States meetings regularly go over their allotted time, causing late sittings. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Politicians in Jersey could be limited to how long they can talk in the States, if a proposition gets passed.

The Privileges and Procedures Committee wants to allow members to speak for a maximum of 15 minutes, to give more people the chance to enter the debate.

PPC says it would help the Assembly to manage business more effectively in the three States days during the week.

Over the past 18 months, States meetings have gone over the allotted days, causing late sittings and sittings at short notice on a Monday or Friday.

If approved, the time limit will bring Jersey States in-line with other legislatures like Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The proposition does outline that the limit excludes time on interventions, points of order and questions to the Attorney General.

The presiding officer could decide to allow a member to speak for longer than 15 minutes.