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Pay offer imposed on Jersey civil servants

The States Employment Board says their final offer, which was rejected by unions, remains on the table. Credit: ITV Channel TV

More than 3,000 civil servants in Jersey will have a pay deal imposed on them by the States Employment Board (SEB).

They will implement a reduced pay offer to civil servants after Prospect and Unite unions rejected the most recent pay offer.

The pay increase will now be 1.3% on top of September 2019 rate of inflation.

The SEB said the pay offer for 2020 is less than what was offered in July, which they said in August was the best deal that could be negotiated.

It means the offer of additional paid holidays (in exchange for a half hour increase in the working week) and an additional 0.8% pay increase, based on a savings and efficiencies, cannot be implemented.

Although Connétable Richard Buchanan, Vice-Chair of the States Employment Board, says that these elements remain on the table if the unions want to reconsider their position.

SEB would have liked to have reached agreement with the unions, so that all civil servants can receive all the elements of the July pay offer.

Negotiations continued this week, but to no avail.

The potential 0.8% additional increase and the additional paid holidays cannot be implemented without the agreement and cooperation of the unions. SEB therefore agreed that we will keep the additional elements of the July pay offer on the table for as long as possible, in the hope that the unions will reconsider their position and enable all civil servants to receive this better settlement, including many who choose not to be in a union and who did not therefore have a vote. SEB is willing for officers to continue negotiations with the trades unions on these two elements, if the unions are willing to reconsider their rejection of them.

– Connétable Richard Buchanan, Vice-Chair of the States Employment Board,

Earlier in the year, the government asked civil servants for their views on the final pay offer, after civil servants held strikes in August.

The unions say they are frustrated by the latest developments and describing the pay offer as 'woefully inadequate' and saying the deal on offer is basically the same as the one they have rejected twice.

Terry Renouf, JCSA/Prospect's chairman, says that the government has not been constructive enough in negotiations.

Both Prospect and Unite have worked hard throughout the process to try and reach a negotiated settlement with the SEB and have made numerous proposals which have been rejected by the employer. This process has been mostly one sided with very few proposals coming forward from the SEB and their representatives, despite an assurance being given by the chief minister to Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy on a visit to Jersey early this year that both sides will need to change their stance to try and reach agreement. Unfortunately the employer has not changed its stance on 2018 and 2019 throughout the process.This latest move from the employer does nothing towards settling the ongoing pay dispute and will further undermine staff’s confidence in their employer to treat them fairly.”

– Terry Renouf, JCSA/Prospect chairman

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