Sark's outgoing Police Constable says that laws on the island are 'not enforceable'

Constable Mike Fawson says that many laws on the island's statute books would not stand up to a court challenge and need modernisation.

He also called for more tools to allow the new Constable to enforce the laws, including a speed gun and alcohol and drug testing equipment

In his report to the Chief Pleas, Constable Fawson called for the community to tackle the issue of excessive drinking, saying underage drinking on the island is 'widespread' and that most unlawful incidents related to people who were drunk.

Unfortunately there are many incidents that we cannot lawfully do anything about as we do not have the appropriate tools and laws at our disposal to deal with them; such as speeding, intoxicated driving. Also there are issues with certain current Sark Laws which means that the laws themselves are not actually enforceable as they would not stand up to a challenge in Court by an Advocate

Constable Mike Fawson

Among Constable Fawson's other suggestions are for the new Constable to be equipped with batons and PAVA spray, as well as undergoing the eight-day training course with Guernsey Police.

He says events licensed to sell alcohol should provide their own security/stewarding and that plans to do so should approved by Sark court before a license is granted. Alongside this, he called for more laws around drink and drug driving to be modernised and made more clear.

In the year to September, the Constable handled 267 incidents, including 45 related to tractor driving, 17 around safeguarding and 16 about lost and found property.