A new mental health centre will open in St Helier next month.

The Listening Lounge will be a free, walk-in service, run by the well-being group LINC, to help people avoid getting to crisis point before they access support.

It will be available to islanders over the age of 18, and open 12 hours a day - between 10am and 10pm. Counselling sessions will also be available three days a week between 4pm and 9pm.

Initially it will run as a pilot scheme from 4 November until 31 December 2020.

Islanders can self-refer, and if an assessment finds they need more specialist help they can be directly referred to Jersey Talking Therapies without having to go through their GP.

We see a trend in Jersey where often people wait longer than in some other regions, so around about 12 months for example before they seek support. So sometimes we see that people's needs can escalate and become more complex, so if we're able to provide early intervention services and really encourage people to engage with us early on, hopefully we can provide the support at that stage and stop the problems getting worse.

Lucy Nicolaou, Head of Services at LINC