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"I never got to say goodbye to him": Man misses dad's final moments due to Alderney's poor air links

Nathan Berry was off-island and did not manage to make it back in time to say goodbye to his father due to a lack of flights and delays. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A man has criticised Alderney's air links after missing his dad's final moments due to flight delays.

Nathan Berry was off island when he received a call saying his father was seriously unwell and began his journey over to the island to say his goodbyes.

But he says that because of a lack of flights to Alderney as well as delays, he never got the chance.

I got a phone call on Tuesday the 24th that my father Raymond William Berry was quite close to death and I had to rush over immediately.

Unfortunately the only flight I could get was 8:20 in the morning to Guernsey, which left on time, and then 17:55 which was over half an hour late from Guernsey to Alderney, so I had an over ten hour stay in Guernsey Airport.

Unfortunately, at 10 past 9 my father passed away. If it was 15 years ago when we had nine planes I would have made it on time with ten minutes to see him, but I never got to say goodbye to him.

– Nathan Berry