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Calls for £10 GP consultations in Jersey

Pregnant women, children under five and people over the age of 65 could pay a lot less for doctors appointments in future Credit: PA

The political party Reform Jersey is calling to lower the cost of GP consultations to £10 for some people in need of care.

Pregnant women, children under the age of five and people over 65 could pay a lot less for doctors appointments in future if plans are approved.

Deputy Geoff Southern says 35,000 people would benefit from access to affordable care.

The annual cost of this additional support is around £3.5m, which Deputy Southern says is affordable.

It is hoped the new measures will mean better prevention, early diagnosis and treatment in the community.

The high cost of visiting the doctor, now standing at some £40 plus, has become unaffordable to many families.

Our plan is to bring this down to £10 for those in greatest need of primary care. These proposals would see all over 65s benefit from an increased subsidy from the Health Insurance Fund, along with all children under 5 and expectant mothers.

All those on Income Support will also be included.

– Deputy Geoff Southern