1. ITV Report

20% of police time spent on mental health issues

The report looks into the work undertaken by force in 2018. Credit: ITV Channel TV

One fifth of front-line police time in Guernsey is now spent dealing with matters directly related to mental health.

That is according to a report that has been published by the Bailiwick Law Enforcement Chief, Ruari Hardy.

It looks into the work undertaken in 2018 with Mr Hardy admitting it was a busy year for the force.

Every year presents challenges, and 2018 was no exception - but once again officers and staff from across the organisation went above and beyond to ensure successful outcomes and that Guernsey remains a safe place to live and work.

– Bailiwick Law Enforcement Chief, Ruari Hardy

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The report also found that 46 officers were assaulted while carrying out their duty.

853 cars were stopped as part of the force's anti-drink-drive campaign over Christmas as well as over 2,100 Suspicious Activity reports to the Financial Intelligence Service.

The full report can be found on Guernsey Police's website.