A pre-school in St Brelade is asking people to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour after a number of break-ins.

Staff at Communicare pre-school say the incidents which started last Summer are now happening more regularly. The garden and storage shed have been broken into nearly every week this term.

The garden area is locked with an external and internal gate, but staff believe people are jumping over the fence.

The pre-school is asking people in the area to have a look and a listen when passing. They also urge anyone who sees anything suspicious to contact the police.

For a long time now, our outdoor area has continually been broken into. We have had our main storage shed which contains outdoor resources flooded, resulting in many items being ruined. The large wooden play house which was a leaving thank you gift from parents has been vandalised numerous times, windows broken, drinks poured inside, tobacco everywhere. The perimeter fence has also been damaged by people breaking in.

Communicare pre-school
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