Passengers travelling through Guernsey Airport could face fewer delays at security after the arrival of a new body scanner.

It is the first of its kind of to be installed in the Channel Islands, and is part of a £1.5m investment to refresh passenger and baggage security scanning equipment.

Most travelers will be familiar with whole body scanners at UK airports and will know how quickly a scan of a person can be carried out compared to a manual search.

Steve Langlois, Deputy Head of Aviation Services for Guernsey Airport

The announcement of the new technology came in August along with an apology from Guernsey Airport about poor service and complaints about "long queues" and "excessive delays".

  • What does the scanner see?

The scanner will take a featureless generic outline of the person being scanned and will highlight areas of the body which need further investigation.

Once the person has left the scanner all data relating to the individual is permanently deleted.

Passengers who use a wheelchair will still need to be searched manually, because people need to stand unaided in the scanner.

We are very pleased to have this piece of equipment installed and operational at Guernsey Airport. This is the first phase of our programme of upgrades to the scanning equipment at the airport.

Ash Nicholas, Head of Aviation Services for Guernsey Airport

Other security upgrades throughout the airport are also scheduled to take place.