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'Selfish and reckless' drivers ignore road closed signs on Jersey roundabout

Jersey's Honorary Police warn that an accident is 'almost inevitable' and that drivers are putting themselves at risk. Credit: ITV Channel TV

More than ten drivers were reported in the space of an hour for ignoring road signs on a Jersey roundabout.

Jersey’s Honorary Police say motorists have been ignoring the ‘road closed’ sign in the southbound lane of the Five Oaks roundabout.

The roundabout is currently one-way due to ongoing road works.

The Honorary Police say an accident is ‘almost inevitable'.

Local residents and other drivers have spoken to Jersey Honorary Police about the issue.

We are concerned that an accident is almost inevitable should drivers continue to act is such a selfish and reckless way. The Honorary Police will continue to monitor and report drives during this period of road works.

– Centenier Steven Laffoley-Edwards