There are calls for more to be done to tackle the issue of fly-tipping in Guernsey.

Vale Constable Richard Leale says he wants to see more people prosecuted for the illegal dumping of rubbish.

The Government say there has been an increase in the number of reports, with 81 requests made to States Works to collect fly-tipped materials so far this year.

Rubbish which is fly-tipped on private land has to be removed at the expense of the landowner.

Hotelier Carlo Stefani says he has spent more than £5,000 over the years on having other people's abandoned cars, mattresses, sofas and general rubbish removed from his land.

Carlo Stefani says he has already had to pay over £5,000 to have other people's rubbish and abandoned cars removed from his land Credit: ITV Channel TV

It happens at night time and after a little while we discover what is happening and we like to say to them and the police enough is enough. Can you look for somewhere else to do it? Or don't do it because it is really unfair.

Carlo Stefani

Guernsey Waste are asking people to report incidents of fly-tipping to them. They say they routinely pass reports and potential evidence to Guernsey Police, who say they take reports of fly-tipping seriously.

A comprehensive fly-tipping reporting strategy is currently being designed to streamline the reporting process and resolutions to incidents of fly tipping. We are working closely with Guernsey Waste and will announce when the system goes live. We do take reports of fly tipping seriously and currently there are a number of incidents under active investigation.

A Bailiwick Law Enforcement spokesman

Since January islanders have had to buy stickers costing £2.50 to throw a black bag out. They've also had to pay an annual fee of £85 per household and a separate collection charge from the parish. On average, that charge was around £77 per household in 2019.

Guernsey Waste have the power to hand out fines for non-compliance and have issued more than 250 warning notices to islanders leaving out bags without the required stickers.

They are also reminding people there is a new recycling facility which makes it easier for islanders to dispose of larger items.

At the Household Waste and Recycling Centre most items can be disposed of for free. Cars can also be disposed of for free, or a collection fee of £30 can be paid.

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