Jersey's new Bailiff says 'it is open to the States' to change the constitution if it decides to reform the role of Bailiff.

In an interview with ITV News, Timothy Le Cocq said that the office of Bailiff was a long-standing part of the islands constitution - but that it is within the remit of the States Assembly to change the constitution if it sees fit.

However, he hopes that if the States did choose to do so, it would be with the 'understanding and approval in whatever form' of the people of Jersey.

Mr Le Cocq was sworn in as Bailiff in the wake of controversial comments made by his predecessor Sir William Bailhache.

Speaking to ITV News, Sir William denied that he had 'lobbed a grenade' when he criticised recommendations from the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry that the role of Bailiff should be split.

When asked about the issue, the Bailiff said

The office of Bailiff is part of the constitution of the island. It's part of the constitution of the Assembly and it's a constitutional position within the island, so much is obvious it seems to me.

Timothy Le Cocq, Bailiff of Jersey
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