A campaigner from Guernsey has spoken out about the atrocities she witnessed at a refugee camp in Greece.

Sarah Griffith founded the Bridge2 charity which delivers aid to refugees and people after natural disasters.

She says the conditions in the camp at Samos are unlike anything she's seen before.

While there, Sarah witnessed a fire that decimated the camp, leaving people desperate and malnourished.

Sarah Griffith says the conditions in Samos are unlike any she has seen before Credit: ITV Channel TV

It devastated an acre of land on the camp and left 700 people without anything.

Sarah Griffith, founder of Bridge2

Sarah is now looking for two Guernsey-based carpenters who will join her in Samos in November, to build a shelter at camp's medical clinic, which treats around 160 people every day.

She encourages anyone who might be able to offer help to contact the charity.

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