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How much leave should new parents be entitled to?

Proposals have been submitted to increase parental leave from 26 weeks to 52 weeks. Credit: PA Images

The amount of leave from work new parents are entitled to in Jersey will be decided in the States today.

Earlier this year, Social Security Minister Deputy Judy Martin, lodged a draft law to increase leave to 52 weeks, with six weeks full pay.

The plans would have seen new mothers and fathers, including adoptive and surrogate, able to take parental leave in three blocks over a two-year period.

But fellow politician Deputy Kirsten Morel, who is Chair of the Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel, opposed the idea saying it would have a negative impact on employers.

Instead, the panel suggested it should remain at 26 weeks.

A review in June found that not enough businesses were consulted during the plan, and the debate in the States was delayed.

Today, the assembly is expected to make a decision.