Jersey goat's cheese one of the world's best

A goat's cheese from Jersey has been selected as one of the top 84 cheeses in the world.

After thousands of entries, St Ouen-based Jerriaise D’or’s Fluffy Fuhka cheese has been given a Super Gold Award at the World Cheese Awards in Italy.

The Fluffy Fukha cheese is made from milk produced by Golden Guernsey Goats which is then filtered twice. It has taken 18 months for the recipe to be perfected.

Angela Harvey-Jones says the company will now be looking to expand the 22-strong herd and produce even more cheese.

Cheesemaker Angela Harvey-Jones says the cheese's success Credit: ITV Channel TV

The World Cheese Awards were assessed by 260 judges from 35 countries, taking into account the look, taste, texture and smell of cheeses.

The endangered Golden Guernsey goats are originally from Guernsey but have been bred and reared in Jersey. The breed almost died out during World War II after they became a food source.