Benson has arrived at Elizabeth College in Guernsey. He is currently training to become a fully qualified therapy dog. But because of his serene temperament he is allowed to pop into the school for a few hours every day.

Therapy dogs can reduce stress in the school day, with staff and students alike able to visit the four-legged friend as and when they feel like it.

Benson visits the school every day to greet students and staff alike Credit: ITV Channel TV

Having a therapy dog like Benson in a school environment can help to relieve stress and improve mental well-being.

One year 12 student says Benson has helped him cope with the pressures of A-levels.

There was actually a moment I was looking through universities, and specific drama schools. And I was just overwhelmed by all these choices, and then almost as if on cue, he just plodded out and says like it’s all going to be fine.

George, Year 12

Benson is undergoing his training with Paws for Support. Every Saturday morning he goes to different locations on Guernsey and does different training assessments with his handler Rick James.

Benson adds that extra bit of happiness to life at Elizabeth College, bringing the pupils together to share a quiet moment with their furry friend.

  • WATCH: Marina Jenkins meets Benson as he visits students at Elizabeth College