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Detectives recreate moments before a teenager was raped in Jersey

  • Staged reconstruction by Jersey Police of the victims movements before the assault.

Detectives have recreated the moments before a teenager was reportedly raped in Jersey.

They are hoping a film of the reconstruction will encourage key witnesses to come forward.

The victim was attacked a week ago near Gorey Common.

Police reconstruction of the moments before a teenager was reportedly raped in Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Detectives are still checking CCTV footage from the area and they are appealing for one specific driver to come forward.

The footage shows a small silver or grey hatchback which was seen leaving Gorey Pier at one minute past midnight.

Police want to speak to the owner of the silver car identified in this image. Credit: Jersey Police

It is believed that if the driver carried on along the coast road, they will have passed the scene at a critical time - when the attack was happening and the driver or passengers could have important information.

Police have been able to narrow down a 13 minute window when they believe the teenager was raped.

What is known:

  • 11:30pm – The victim leaves a residential property in the area adjacent to Gorey Common on her own.
  • She slowly makes her way to the southbound Gorey bus stop but becomes disoriented around Gorey Common, primarily because of the low light combined with her lack of familiarity with that part of the Island.
  • The victim arrives at the bus stop by 11:53pm. At this point she is identifiable on dashcam footage from a passing Liberty Bus.
  • She is seen at the bus stop again at 12:06am when the same bus passes in the opposite direction.
  • Her mother collects her from the bus stop at 12:13am.
  • In her time at the bus stop the attacker twice offers her a lift, which is declined on both occasions. It is after the second offer that the attack takes place.