Jersey's Go Wild Gorillas raise a staggering £1,146,500

Jersey's 'Go Wild Gorillas' went up for auction last night, each with a minimum bid of £5,000 raising a total of £1,146,500.

All 40 Silver back sculptures, plus three of the small ones, were up for grabs to the highest bidder at the Royal Yacht hotel.

The highest bid went to 'The Space Between Us', at £72,000 for the single statue.

The money raised will go towards building a new home for Jersey Zoo's family of gorillas.

  • 'The Space Between Us' by Andy Coutanche, went to it's new home for £72,000. The design is described as intending to engage with the mind of the viewer, allowing them to fill in the missing pieces, creating a "fun and unusual experience".

Credit: ITV Channel TV
  • 'Zeus' by Caroline Parrott the goes to his new home for £54,000. He was designed with a textural surface specifically aimed at those with a visual impairment.

'Zeus' the goes to his new home for £54,000. Credit: ITV Channel TV
  • 'Ape-iary', by Donna Newman goes under the hammer for £32,000. The design was inspired by Jersey’s strong history of beekeeping.

  • The first of the young gorillas, named 'Gorilla 54', by Peter Thompson goes to its new home for £16,000.

  • The first Go Wild Gorilla, 'Ding Dong' by Ben Robertson goes to its new home for £20,000.

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They were scattered across the island from Corbiere to Gorey, making it the Channel Islands' largest public art trail.