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Guernsey clairvoyant scam warning

People in Guernsey are being warned about clairvoyant scams Credit: ITV Channel TV

People in Guernsey are being warned about clairvoyant scams.

Trading Standards says a number of letters have been sent out in Guernsey trying to convince people that they have a problem with bad luck or hardships which the sender claims they can solve using spiritual powers.

The letters are addressed from people calling themselves Christofero, Walter B Honurus, Laurella or Carmen, although Trading Standards says they are actually fraudsters.

The four people mentioned above do not exist and the letters are actually sent out by criminal organisations. Any money sent to them will go to these criminals and any promised rituals will not take place.

You may receive small items such as charms, talismans or personalised booklets but these will not have any special powers and will be worth far less than the money you will have paid for them.

The people behind these mailings do not believe in what they are claiming and their activities are purely based on extracting money from their victims rather than providing spiritual help.

– Trading Standards