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Guthrie troubled by uncertain future for Jersey Netball

Serena Guthrie speaks to ITV News about the lack of funding for sport. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The former England Netball captain who started her playing career in Jersey has spoken to ITV News about the lack of funding for sport on the island.

Jersey's Serena Guthrie has recently announced that she will be stepping away from the sport after a summer where she captained the England Roses to bronze during their home Netball World Cup campaign.

She spoke to ITV News about this decision, her plans to bring a charity mixed netball tournament to the island and her reaction to the troubles Jersey Netball are facing - despite a 12 month extension for their home in Les Ormes.

I hope the States are aware of this. To potentially not have hundreds or thousands of women not being able to play the one sport they love to keep fit would be so disappointing.

I’ve benefited from the Jersey system and the access and without that you don't have people progressing. You're not going to find the next Jersey netballer who could play for England.

– Serena Guthrie

Serena now works for Sporting Family Change giving families the opportunity to get involved in sport. Next year she is bringing a group of 20 people supported by the organisation to Jersey to play a mixed netball tournament.

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