A French property developer has pleaded guilty to polluting the sea water in Jersey's Elizabeth Marina.

Legendre Contractors Limited received a £10,000 fine in the Magistrate's Court this morning, after 'suspended solids' were found to be flowing over from the Horizon development site in February.

22 witness statements were given and over 30 days of CCTV were reviewed during the investigation.

In addition, water samples were taken with seven Environmental Protection officers working on the case, taking up more than 400 hours of their time.

The company is involved in the Horizon development on the Waterfront. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's Under the Water Pollution Law 2000 states that "any person who causes or knowingly permits the pollution of any controlled waters shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine."

The Magistrate presiding ruled the environmental harm had been low but that the public have a right to have confidence in contractors.

Environmental Protection agree that the pollution had not resulted in significant environmental impact and Legendre had tried to manage the risk of pollution.

This case reinforces the need for contractors to actively reassess and react to changes in environmental risk on construction sites where site conditions and environmental factors are changing as development progresses. Legendre Contractors Limited had instigated various construction and environmental measures to try to manage the risk of pollution, however, site conditions proved more complex than Legendre expected resulting in these pollution events. Upon identifying the pathway of the pollution, remedial works were actioned promptly, despite difficult site and environmental conditions. >

Environmental Protection spokesperson