A Guernsey man has launched a campaign to remove trillions of cigarette butts around the world.

Andrew Munro, founder of the 4.5 Trillion Project and from Pick It Up Guernsey was invited to speak at a weekend of climate related activities and talks, organised by Guernsey Arts Commission.

Mr Munro is celebrating the soft launch of his global project, to challenge the world to pick up 4.5 trillion cigarette butts. He says cigarette ends contain toxic, plastic and non-biodegradable elements.

Mr Munro talks to an audience about the 4.5 Trillion Project at Guernsey's Frossard Theatre. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The focus of Mr Munro's talk was based on his research about the environmental impact of the tobacco industry and tobacco waste around Guernsey's shores.

Mr Munro wants to drive positive behavioral change, bringing communities together to solve the environmental problems caused by toxins in cigarette butts.

Fran Browning from Guernsey Recycling Group has joined the movement as Mr Munro's co-trustee as well as support from La Société Guernesiaise.

Andrew Munro is delighted the response from islanders has been so positive. Credit: ITV Channel TV

We've gone from, me walking around with litter pickers, picking up cigarette butts to challenging the whole Bailiwick in collecting 75000 in one day. And now we're taking it globally beyond our shores and we're almost ready to launch our 4.5 Trillion Project.

Andrew Munro, 4.5 Trillion Project founder